Burglar Alarm, Tool for Employee Tracking & Management

Security and Burglar Alarm employee management

Burglar Alarm, Tool for Employee Tracking & Time Management. I received a call a few weeks ago from a retail store manager explaining how a terminated employee was suspected of returning to the store to steal money after the facility was closed for business.  We continued to discuss the situation and the best approach for tracking her suspicions.  She further explained to me that the employees / key holders did not have unique user codes to arm and disarm the security / burglar alarm.  Despite being trained on the importance of this practice, it was not continued past the first couple week’s of opening.  Though we could pull the alarm log history from the the security / burglar alarm, it would not give us any indication as to who might have turned the alarm off because one code was shared across all employees.

Luckily, this facility opted for Infra Red Cameras, so we were able to determined who was responsible for the theft from the recorded video footage.  Granted not all facilities have this luxury, but most retail environments utilize some form of traditional burglar alarm or security system.  If you do utilize one of these systems, we highly recommend unique user codes for each employee / key holder of the facility.  This will allow you to track access to your facility and potentially aid in determining which employee / key holder is responsible for any suspicious activity.

If you do not know how to take advantage of this feature, please contact your security provider and ask for assistance.

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