Because security is your biggest company asset.

Having the best security system in for your business is very crucial to your expansion. Networking together digitally to boost up the communication needs security. Surveillance and access control helps defend your company well with break-ins. Liquid Video Technologies understands your corporation is a top priority for your advancement, and we are there every step of the way.

Security For Your Business

Needing your small office to have the best networking system in the Upstate? Well, LVT has you covered with the best equipment possible to give you great communication between employees and clients. The services we provide will assure that all will work directly and intact with no problems to your business. If you have any questions about this type of service, you may contact us to further answer your needs.




States Covered


Miles installed wires

Small Business Networking

Just one of the services LVT offers.

Setting up a business computer network has become easier over the years with technology improving. Now today, small and midsize businesses are embracing mobile and cloud technologies to improve employee productivity and engage with customers. For your business needs an affordable, high-performance and secure wired and wireless infrastructure that can support the growing number of mobile devices and cloud-based applications.

Bonded, Insured and Licensed

Having the best proper insurance to secure contracts, is what we know best. We understand the issues with paying a specialist to add in security cameras, fire alarms, automation equipment, or networking systems into your house or business with it not being protected by a bond. That is crucial for the overall safety of the company itself.

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Liquid Video Technologies – Solutions to Fit Your Budget

Liquid Video Technologies offers solutions that are designed to secure your investment in people, equipment, inventory and eliminate potential frivolous claims. Whether you need to secure a business location or your home, Liquid Video Technologies has a solution to fit your budget. If you need any additional information or would like to speak with one of our security specialists, please call (864) 859-9848 or email us at