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Web application security is the process of securing confidential data stored online from unauthorized access and modification. This supports the protection of information and data in any companies web world. LVT has great specialists that have 90 years of experience knowing all that is needed to bring security to your home or business.

Security cameras are a key component in home security systems and come in many types with a multitude of features. With so much to choose from, it’s hard to know which security camera is right for you. This guide gives you the information you need to find the best security camera to make your home and family safer.

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Security Camera vs Surveillance Camera

While the terms are regularly used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between security cameras and surveillance cameras. The difference is whether a camera is passive or active. Surveillance cameras are passive. They observe and/or record whatever is happening in their field of view. Security cameras are active. They alert people to unexpected events within their field of view. This distinction can be very subtle or very large depending on the circumstances of a particular situation. For instance, if a surveillance camera sends a constant feed to a monitor that is continually viewed by a security guard, it is essentially functioning as a security camera because simply by viewing the feed from the camera the guard would be alerted to anything unexpected happening within its field of view. However, most modern security cameras have the ability to detect motion and send alerts to owners or authorities via text or emails.

Important Security Features needed for a Camera

Below are the features that are important for all indoor, and outdoor cameras.

Motion Detection

Cameras with motion detection can send you notifications when the camera observes motion within its field of view. These notifications can alert you to suspicious activity so you can monitor the situation.


A camera that can pan and/or tilt may be able to record a larger area than a static camera and therefore reduce the total number of cameras needed to observe a particular area.

Field of View

Field of view refers to how wide an angle a camera can record. This is important because it will affect how many cameras you’ll need and where you should place them.


The sound feature can refer to your camera receiving sound via a microphone, emitting sound via a speaker, or both. Cameras with both can double as intercoms.


The resolution defines how clear the image from your camera will be. A clearly visible image is very helpful when trying to identify faces or items in the images your camera records.

Night Vision

The distance from which your camera can record images in low- to no-light situations can have a great impact on its effectiveness because often criminal activity can happen at night.

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